Dance Medicine

At Potentia Therapeutics, highly trained dance medicine specialists provide a physical screening to dancers that allows for static and dynamic movement testing.

My Achilles is A-killing Me 2020-08-20 Achilles injuries are some of the most common injuries in dancers. These muscles help point your foot, hold you in releve, and generate power to jump.
Ankle Sprain? Start rehab off on the right foot. 2020-08-06 The foot and ankle are the most commonly injured body parts in ballet dancers. One of the most common ankle injuries is a lateral ankle sprain.
Introducing our Dashboard 2019-02-16 Hello! Potentia Therapeutics is happy to announce a patient dashboard for our Potentia Therapeutics community!
Welcome to Potentia Therapeutics!! 2018-03-19 I have served as your clinic director of THERAPYDIA TAMPA for 4 wonderful years and the staff and I have loved being your neighborhood health care providers and serving the Tampa Bay community!