Sports Medicine

At Potentia Therapeutics, our trained movement specialists lead their patients through a comprehensive Sports Medicine Program that is tailored to meet the physical demands of the athlete, the weekend warrior, and the performing artist.

Core-antine Routine (2020-05-18) Social distancing may be putting a hamper on your training, but that does not mean you can’t stay in shape while not going to the studio or gym. Being at home probably means you are less active than usual, and sitting or reclining more often. Frequent or prolonged sitting can affect your posture, core activation […]
Climb On: The Flag (2020-05-10) Climbing is like a symphony. Every movement is a result of an orchestra of muscles, acting independently but in coordination with all the others around it to create fluid movement. One of the most common movements you perform during climbing is the flag. A flag helps you grasp a hold that might be out of […]
Six Easy Exercises to Help Prevent Knee Pain for Runners (2020-04-08) Since the gyms have closed, this pandemic has brought many of us running outside to get some much needed exercise and fresh air! Did you know that running can put forces through your body that are 2-3 times your body weight? These forces can sometimes be too much for those not properly trained. One of […]
Pain Management: The science behind when to heat and when to ice (2018-09-18) There are a multitude of scenarios that may lead to injuries and subsequent pain symptoms. There is a general confusion amongst individuals to what modality should be applied to reduced symptoms while healing is occurring. I will discuss the natural process that our bodies go through during injury healing and what modality works best for the phase of treatment.
Ready, Set, Run! (2018-05-03) It is now beach season here in the Tampa Bay area and many of us are exercising to shed some pounds! Running, especially in this area, is a very popular and excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. It can help decrease stress or anxiety levels with increased endorphins and even aid in the treatment of depression
Welcome to Potentia Therapeutics!! (2018-03-19) I have served as your clinic director of THERAPYDIA TAMPA for 4 wonderful years and the staff and I have loved being your neighborhood health care providers and serving the Tampa Bay community!