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Patel Conservatory @ Straz Center

Built on an abandoned gravel lot in a city that was lacking cultural offerings, the Straz Center began as the dream of a community. Today the Straz Center is the largest performing arts center in the Southeast and the only one with an on-site performing arts conservatory. The Straz Center was incorporated in 1980 and opened in 1987.


How does stratification help?

Stratification can help identify the general status of the community, aiding in the ability to prepare the proper guidance and resources that will benefit each person. It can help dance instructors identify the proper intensity to keep the dancers safe and prepare them for the skill level they might see, keeping encouragement and criticism constructive. It can provide a benchmark for individuals from which each person can gauge improvement.


Regional Pain Overview

This data can help our physical therapists focus on specific areas of improvement and build a program specifically for the community.


Headaches and physical manifestations of discomfort can signify issues with nutrition or fatigue.


It is important to identify undue stress. Stress has a relationship with other characteristics, like nutrition and sleep.

Early Findings

Persistent Injury and Apprehension to Report

For this initial phase, an adequately strong correlation has been found between those dancers that feel apprehension to report their injuries and the number of those dancers reporting persistent injuries. This is important for dancers that want to continue dancing without issues after they have been injured. A persistent injury can ultimately reduce the performance of a dancer years later. If dancers want to be at their peak performance, then persistent injury will reduce that possibility.