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Potentia Therapeutics Mission Statement

Locally owned, Louisiana-grown, and Made with Love

Potentia Therapeutics is a locally owned physical therapy and wellness practice that provides a unique experience to the Tampa Bay community. We are a team of highly trained physical therapists who practice evidence based physical therapy and wellness, allowing for precise diagnosis and skillful management of movement dysfunction. We are movement specialists who understand that there is a relationship between a patient's physical, mental, and emotional state and their functional abilities. We design our treatment programs with this relationship in mind as we discover pathways to reveal regional interdependence within movement patterning. We have the ability to fully assess the patient in an integrative method while defining normal and dysfunctional movements that an individual demonstrates in the clinic or in the community.

Potentia Therapeutics is owned by a physical therapist who knows that the model for physical therapy and wellness must evoke confidence, trust, empathy, and appreciation in the provider-patient relationship. In this dynamic health care environment, it is imperative to provide the highest standard of health care with ethical and quality service, compassion, and respect for the patient. As your lifetime wellness provider, we will provide you with an elevated experience unique to the Potentia family!

What does Potentia mean ?

Potentia means "power" in Latin. We encourage our patients to ask themselves what makes them feel powerful .
  • We have created an environment that allows for healing and stimulates the desire to achieve optimal health and wellness.
  • We want to connect with the Tampa Bay community and highlight the importance of early detection and prevention of long term injury and dysfunction.
  • We strive to develop your healthy habits and we are a resource for you even after the pain and dysfunction is gone.
We are life long learners and strive to treat you with optimal care! We encourage you to find the power in optimal health and wellness as we help you to become your best self!

Live Powerfully