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Anne Happiette-Vaurie

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Anne Happiette-Vaurie was born and raised in Paris, France. She first discovered physical therapy as a patient, being diagnosed with a severe scoliosis at the age of 12. Fond of the sciences, body mechanics, and human relationships, she studied physical therapy at the ESMKP Paris and earned her diploma in 2000. After completing her education, she specialized in pelvic floor therapy at Sismed in Paris in 2009 and in postural gymnastics in 2001. Anne continued her education and earned a diploma in Osteopathy from IPEO in Paris in 2009. Soon after, she earned a certification in pediatric osteopathy from IFSO in 2010 and a certification in gynecology/obstetric osteopathy from IFSO in 2012.

During those 9 years, Anne successfully ran two private outpatient practices as an associate and an owner. She proudly served the community handling numerous conditions including orthopedic problems, sports injuries, respiratory problems, digestive disorders, pelvic floor rehab, post-partum, reflux, torticolis, colis, posture, scoliosis, and injury prevention. When her husband was relocated to New York in 2009, she studied to earn a US physical therapist license in NYS while working as a member of a physical therapy office specializing in woman's healthcare, pelvic floor, and manual therapies. She relocated to St. Petersburg, FL in 2013.

Anne is a Herman and Wallace trained PT for woman's health and colorectal, coccyx, pudendal, and male pelvic floor dysfunctions. She is also a certified yoga instructor for children and started screening dancers for injury prevention. Anne practices evidence-based physical therapy and provides a unique treatment plan for each patient using a variety of manual therapies, such as myo-fasical release, cranio-sacral therapy, visceral manipulation, muscle energy techniques, and postural education. She strongly believes that education and empathy are the keys for patients to achieve their goals.

Anne spends her time caring for her three children, volunteering, teaching yoga, and offering one-on-one physical therapy sessions. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, bicycling, swimming, paddling, playing music, and her weekly yoga and ballet sessions. Anne is bilingual, trained in both the United States and France, and has a love for both. She is happy to offer the best of both cultures and help patients to have a healthier life.