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Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?

Thanks to the advocacy of the FPTA and APTA, Florida is a "direct access state". Florida allows direct access to physical therapy services or "self-referral". This means you are allowed to go directly to a physical therapist without a phsyician's referral first and receive treatment for 30 days. After 30 days, the therapist will need to get a treatment plan signed by an approved healthcare provider. Direct access saves you spend time and money, expediting your treatment, relief, and recovery. This is an especially important point for our many northern residents who spend their winters inn sunny Florida!!!

Do you take health insurance?

We are in-network with Tricare and Medicare plans. We also can assess if you have out-of-network benefits.

What's my co-pay going to be? How much is the treatment going to cost?

We will contact your insurance company to determine the benefits that your plan offers before your first session at Potentia Therapeutics. You may have to pay a co-pay and/or a co-insurance during your visit.

Why should I seek services at Potentia Therapeutics if they are out-of-network with my insurance carrier?

Potentia Therapeutics is owned by a physical therapist who believes that the model for physical therapy and wellness should evoke confidence, trust, empathy, and appreciation in the provier-patient relationship. In this ever changing healthcare environnment it is imperative to provide the highest standard of healthcare with ethical and quality service, compassion, and respect for the patient. We believe in quality over quantity and are proud to offer high levels of care customized to your goals and needs. We know that quality care delivered in a thoughtful manner will get you better, faster, and so we provide a high level of patient care and ensure successful outcomes.

We do not practice a "patient mill" style of physical therapy because it undermines our treatment philosophy and ultimately prohibits us from doing our jobs effectively. Our therapists take the time needed to diagnose the underlying cause of your problem, correct it and make sure you are empowered to address your issue when you are away from the clinic. That is living powerfully!

I noticed you have wellness programs. What is this offering?

Wellness programs are offered to our past, current, and future patients. These programs are intended to help patients continue in their body health and wellness training under the guidance of certified and licensed physical therapists. These programs would be associated with the various specialized training attained by our therapists; this includes, but is not limited to: pilates, VBARRE, GolfRX, strength and conditioning, dance training, and running assessments. We want to connect with the Tampa Bay community and highlight the importance of early detection and prevention of long term injury and dysfunction. We strive to develop your healthy habits and we are a resource for you even after the pain and dysfunction is gone!

What should I bring with me on my 1st visit?

  • Patient Intake Forms can be completed prior to your appointment (or come 15 minutes early to your appointment)
  • Insurance referral (if needed per your insurance policy - please call your primary)
  • Photo ID, Health Insurance Card, and Co-Payment (if applicable)
  • Comfortable clothes and athletic shoes (and any inserts, if applicable)

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