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Rock Climbing Physical Therapy

Potentia Therapeutics is a locally owned physical therapy and wellness practice that provides a unique experience to the Tampa Bay Community. We are a team of highly trained physical therapists who practice evidence based physical therapy and wellness.

potentia (genitive potentiae); (fem.)

  1. force,power,might
  2. ability,capacity
  3. authority,influence,sway

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Create a Strong Core in 2021: 5 of the Best Exercises by Christina Noonan

As we ring in 2021, many of us our thinking about our new years resolutions. A lot of these resolutions may include fitness goals. At the top of the fitness list should be core strengthening.

Warming Up by Julia Guseva

It is widely known and accepted in sports and exercise that a warmup routine is extremely important. Warming up before exercise can improve your performance, make you feel better while working out, and reduce your risk of injury. But what exactly is the best way to warm up?

Heat or Ice? by Julia Guseva

One of the most often-asked questions in physical therapy is "Should I use heat or ice?" Which one to use, at what time, how often and for how long?